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Why feminists are crazy?

Dernière mise à jour : 3 avr. 2023

My dear friends,

I must talk about one of the major problems of our time: feminism!

Indeed, everywhere in the liberal media and in Hollywood, a new mandatory model of what it means to be a woman is imposed on us.

In summary, women should:

  • do men's jobs;

  • no longer take care of domestic matters;

  • have no more children;

  • dress like inelegant men;

  • no longer wear makeup and take care of our physical appearance;

  • be lesbian or in a relationship with effeminate men;

  • burp and fart;

  • speak loudly in public to say profanity;

  • talk about their genitals in public;

  • despise religion and never go to church;

  • hate the Lord;

  • do not make cupcakes;

  • pay in restaurants...

You understand the extent of the problem!

Feminists want us to be men and more specifically big liberal losers!

All this is completely stupid, but can be explained by science.

Indeed, you can see here an anatomical diagram of the brain of a feminist :

Everything lights up here. Feminists are prone to bipolar disorder, and have developed a hatred of men, of the Lord and of life, because of the absence of a father or a failing father, usually left-wing oriented.

To understand this is to understand that feminists are women gone mad, as they lacked a virile, conservative and Christian father.

If you're a dad or will soon be one, I recommend watching this Jordan Peterson video:

Despite the fact that Peterson is Canadian, he says many a fair thing about gender difference and the fact that this difference is indeed a complementarity and a strength in the education of children. Moms are moms and dads are dads. If you do not respect these evidences, your sons will become drug addicts and homosexuals and your daughters will become feminists...

So, my sisters, if you are not yet married, you know what you have to do: find a right-wing man and make him right-wing children!


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