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Our story

We are four Christian American mothers, living all around the God-chosen country of the United States of A'.We all met a few months ago on a Facebook page regrouping Caucasian Christian moms and quickly became like sisters to each other.The idea of creating a blog and sharing our passions with the world together appeared very quickly and obviously in our minds. Indeed, we share the same passions and the same values.Indeed, in a world where danger lurks in every shadow, in an America that seems to abandon a little more Christian and family values by each day that passes, it seems essential - even necessary, to us that women of good will have to come together to protect what's left of our good old American values.We aren't fighting with weapons, with lead nor steel, but with our love and affection for our country and our neighbors. The love and affection we have for our husbands, for our children, for our compatriots and before all, for Jesus.The holy word is more important than anything and we pray everyday to thank God for making us American.Love is the other name of truth, and restoring the truth to its due place is what we want to achieve with this blog.We are surrounded by too many lies today, whether it is in Washington or in the liberal media. Our elites are betraying the country a little more every day, and the solution to this crisis situation, since a crisis it is indeed, can only come from the good people of America, the beloved people of our savior Jesus Christ.The four of us are heralds of Christ!​

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