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Our blog

This humble and honest blog, full of hope and love and light, is our testament to the world, and our reaction to a system that needs to be protected from imminent collapse. If you are afraid for yourself and your loved ones, if you feel like Jesus has forsaken you, then fear no more. Welcome to our digital legacy to the modern world.

Our mantra is : Remember, you're not crazy. They are.


More concretely, what are you going to find in this honest and humane piece of literature, dear friends in Christ?


Love, more love, simple thoughts and everything that makes it way through the heads of four loving American women, proud of their country and of their family, profoundly in love with their freedom in the grace of Christ!


We all have our own specificities, our small differences, our own talents, but we are deeply united by our true and patriotic values, the same values that helped forge an America of old, before its unavoidable collapse. Yes, you may call us conservative, because as women we know how important it is to fight for and protect life. So even as we talk about sugar-glazed-strawberry-cupcakes, raising children in the countryside, or how to change a filter on a vacuum cleaner, we are also deeply involved in our country's politics.We believe that politics should remind women of why God created them for... which is in their natural essence ! You don't have to fight nature. We are here to take care of our family and country.


A real sisterhood (a word that “feminists” think is accurate for our special connection...) should be meant to exchange little tips about our everyday life. This is exactly our objective here, with you, to help you in your Christian mother routine (or CMR), while so many challenges still lay ahead on all of our paths.

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