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The 7 things you should avoid at all cost!…if you worry about your eternal soul!

As a proud Caucasian Christian American woman (also known as a CCA), I take my faith and beliefs very seriously. And one of the core principles of Christianity is the pursuit of eternal life in heaven. However, the path to heaven is not an easy one. There are pitfalls and temptations along the way, and falling prey to them can lead one astray from the ultimate goal. In this article, I will discuss the seven deadly sins, which are the most common temptations that Christians should avoid if they want to go secure their spot in the afterlife.


Pride is the deadliest of all sins, and it can take many forms. It can manifest as arrogance, self-importance, or an inflated sense of one's abilities. As Christians, we should be humble and acknowledge that all good things come from God. We should not think of ourselves as better than others or seek to elevate ourselves above them.


Envy is the desire to have what others have, whether it's material possessions, success, or social status. As Christians, we should be content with what we have and not covet what others possess. We should be happy for their success and blessings, rather than resentful.


Wrath is anger that is directed towards others. As Christians, we should strive to be forgiving and patient with others, even in difficult situations. We should not hold grudges or seek revenge, but rather try to understand the other person's perspective and work towards reconciliation.


Sloth is the tendency to be lazy or apathetic, to avoid work or responsibility. As Christians, we should be diligent and productive, using our talents and resources to serve others and honor God. We should not waste our time or neglect our duties, but rather make the most of every opportunity.


Greed is the desire for more and more material possessions, money, or power. As Christians, we should be generous and compassionate, sharing what we have with those in need. We should not be obsessed with accumulating wealth or gaining power over others, but rather seek to serve and help those around us.


Gluttony is the overindulgence in food or drink. As Christians, we should strive for moderation and self-control, avoiding excess and indulgence. We should not use food or drink as a source of comfort or escape, but rather as nourishment for our bodies and a means of fellowship with others.


Lust is the intense desire for sexual gratification. As Christians, we should honor our bodies as temples of the Holy Spirit and treat others with respect and dignity. We should not view others as objects of our desire or use sex for our own selfish pleasure, but rather see it as a gift from God to be shared within the bounds of marriage.

While we may not always be perfect, we should strive to follow the teachings of Christ and avoid these temptations that can lead us away from the light of God.

Karen McGillian, or Someone-Who-’-s-not-crazy-,-they-are-!, 2023

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Sabrina Combes
Sabrina Combes
Mar 30, 2023

Hi Karen. I have a question. What if we multiply sins ? I know for a fact that God will forgive us, but to what extent ? Have a good day.

Krystal Golden
Krystal Golden
Mar 30, 2023
Replying to

If you sincerely believe in God you will be forgiven. If you don't believe, you will burn in hell for eternity. Simply 😘


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